What is ASTM A36?


The ASTM A36 is mild steel that is hot-rolled. The ASTM A36 is in massive demand as it has the property of being strong. Along with being strong, the ASTM A36 also has the attribute of being flexible. Since the ASTM A36 is easily machinable, they are used for several applications. Therefore, this ASTM A36 is one of the most often and commonly used types for common use.

The ASTM A36 is used mainly in industries such as the construction industry. This ASTM A36 Fastener is also utilised in other heavy industries. The chemical composition of the ASTM A36 comprises 98 wt. percent iron and 1.03 wt. percent manganese along with 0.04 wt. percent phosphorus. The chemical composition also contains elements such as 0.28 wt. percent silicon and 0.05 wt. percent sulfur along with 0.25 to 0.29 wt. percent carbon.

All the elements present in the chemical composition of this ASTM A36 help them offer several properties and features. This ASTM A36 also have a range of mechanical properties, which allows them to perform better.


This ASTM A36 has a minimum yield strength of minimum 250 MPa. This ASTM A36 also has the tensile strength property of 400 to 550 MPa. Young’s modulus is 200 GPa. At the same time, the Bulk modulus is 140 GPa. The Poisson ratio that the ASTM A36 have is 0.26.


This ASTM A36 is generally used as structural steel. This is because this ASTM A36 has the property of strength. These are also formable, and the ASTM A36 also has the property of being weldable. This ASTM A36 is used in large scale structures, including buildings, bridges and so on.

The ASTM A36 could be available in various forms depending upon the specifications that are provided by the client. They can also be available depending upon the application’s requirements. The forms in which this ASTM A36 could be available are sheets, rectangular bars and circular roads. They could also be available in the form of angled cross-sections.

Therefore, the ASTM A36 is consequently used in many industries because of the properties and attributes they offer. They are utilised in industries such as the automotive industries and aerospace industries. Along with this, they are also used in the oil and gas industry. This ASTM A36 is also used as a manufacturer of heavy machinery.

Industrial Procedure:

The ASTM A36 also has to be manufactured in such a way so that they meet the demands that are provided by the clients. In order to do so, this ASTM A36 is manufactured by taking the industrial norms, regulations, and guidelines into consideration so that high-quality ASTM A36 is produced. Therefore, the produced ASTM A36 also offers excellent performance.

Also, to enhance their quality, this ASTM A36 goes through various testing procedures, and they have to go through these procedures to examine and improve their quality and performance. So that when the final product is manufactured, it is of high quality.

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